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About Unit 25 Creative + Consulting

While working as a business manager and consultant, Jenn found that many businesses were searching for individual branding packages, social media managers, marketing professionals and more.  She heard from her clients how time-consuming, expensive, and unreliable it could be to find qualified freelancers for each of those tasks, each of whom had to know the business well enough to connect it to customers and none of whom could work together well.

Many of the design professionals on the Unit 25 team lived in Jenn’s college dorm unit (can you guess what number?), where different passions and life experiences created a lasting bond of friendship and respect.  In the same way, Unit 25’s diverse experience and expertise will help your business succeed!

When you work with Unit 25 Creative + Consulting, you won’t have to search for a bunch of new freelancers, vet them, and explain your vision over and over again.  Our team of top-notch creative professionals delivers a cohesive, streamlined process for all your business needs, making your projects efficient and enjoyable.

If you want a customized, personal project experience with a single point of contact, then you’ve come to the right place!  Find out more about what we offer, check out our work, and then contact us to set up a Discovery Meeting.

Unit 25’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Unit 25’s Mission

Unit 25 empowers entrepreneurs to do more of what they love by providing the support and solutions needed to grow and succeed in their goals.

Unit 25’s Vision

Unit 25’s vision is to grow our team, enabling us to deliver the support and solutions that entrepreneurs need to grow their business. The systems that we create will enable us to streamline our projects and client experience, and in turn help entrepreneurs around the world get back to what they love!

Unit 25’s Values

  • Collaboration: We’re in this together
  • Efficient: Helping entrepreneurs save time and money
  • Dynamic and Agile: Enabling entrepreneurs to pivot by giving them flexibility
  • Support: Giving entrepreneurs a support system so that they can grow at their own pace
  • Creative: Thinking outside the box to provide personalized solutions
  • Simple: Keeping things uncomplicated and in plain English!
  • Accessible: Making every client feel like a million bucks without PAYING a million bucks

Heya, I’m Jenn! I’m the one you’ll see when you work with Unit 25. Here’s a bit about me, before we get onto a Discovery Call:

  • I’m from the Seattle area, but I’m in the Midwest right now. I might be crazy, but I miss my rainy, green hometown. I think trees that lose their leaves are unnatural and that snow is evil! (Yes, I know. But I hate shoveling it.)
  • I consistently get made fun of for the way I say “bag.” It’s not even an accent, really, although I can do what seem to be quite convincing British and Australian accents!
  • I have a vastly varied background – everything from co-hosting a radio show (with my future husband!) and creating voiceovers to filmmaking and dancing to becoming a serial entrepreneur at 3 years old.
  • I majored in IT in college, but my real passion was business. I worked up to four jobs at a time throughout college, so I’m used to wearing many hats, and that’s probably why I love Unit 25: I get to help other entrepreneurs free up time to focus on what THEY love while I distribute those hats to myself and my team. It’s the best of both worlds!

I can’t wait to get to help you grow your business. Schedule a Discovery Call and let’s get you to the next level!

Unit 25 Creative + Consulting