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April has turned out to be a banner month here at Unit 25! I learned a LOT throughout this month, and I can’t wait to share the wins and lessons with you!Β πŸŽ‰

Reviewing and setting business goals

April 2018’s Business Goals and Lessons Learned:

Update my signature opt-in quiz – SUCCESS

It’ll be waiting to launch alongside the CE LAB, but it’s finished! I think it’s a bit more streamlined and is DEFINITELY shorter. I wasn’t able to do exactly what I wanted with it (showing your specific areas of strengths and weaknesses in business growth), but my introductory digital product will do the heavy lifting there. The quiz gives you a foundation for your overall strengths and then the Business Growth Self-Audit workbook will help you hone in on it even more. I can’t wait to launch these!

Rebrand Unit 25 – partial success

The CE LAB is well on its way to being launched. I have a homepage layout ready for the website, the domain name is purchased, I have brand colors and typography, and the logo is in the works. Rebranding is a slow process, especially when you want to get it right and not just slap things together, so I’m trying to be patient. It’s hard to be patient when you’re SO EXCITED, though!

Create introductory digital product – SUCCESS

I actually went above and beyond with this goal and am partially done with my upcoming mid-range digital product! 😱 Yes, I’m shocked too. I just got so psyched up after finishing the Business Growth Self-Audit workbook that I kept going. The mid-range course will build on what you learn in the workbook and help you get a grasp on your business growth strategy. I can’t wait to finish it and record the videos for the course! Keep an eye out for that – it’s gonna be fun.

Test a new Pinterest strategy – SUCCESS

Now, I won’t lie: I wasn’t 100% consistent with this. Thing is, it still made a HUGE difference. Remember a couple months ago when I was aiming for 100+ pageviews from Pinterest traffic? Yeah, pretty much as soon as I dropped that goal, I reached it.Β πŸ˜‘ Go figure.


This month, I ended up with more than TWO-HUNDRED AND FIFTY pageviews from Pinterest! March was the month I stopped tracking that goal and, coincidentally, as you can see, also the month I surpassed that old goal. February vs. April is INSANE, though:


Even before the changes, February wasn’t my best month, Pinterest-traffic-wise, but I ended up with a FOUR-HUNDRED PERCENT increase in Pinterest traffic in April vs. February. And essentially all I did was stop scheduling my pins from Unit 25 and started repinning the pins from my domain (whether originally pinned by me or someone else) that were getting the most clicks and other engagement. Craziness! I highly recommend giving it a try. I don’t know why it works – Pinterest themselves even say it shouldn’t matter – but it sure seems to!

Put together quiz service packages – SUCCESS

I’ve been a bit quiz-crazy lately, I’ll admit. They’ve just made such a big difference for my email list growth! I’ve been experimenting with copy on the quiz opt-in screen to see what best converts into subscribers, especially with the stupid GDPR coming up (you have to be careful with how you offer opt-ins because of it).

I’m now officially partnering with Abbi over at Successful Freelance Mom for my upcoming quiz services! I’ve been working with a few beta clients this month to put together and update quizzes for them and Abbi will be providing email sequences/funnels to engage subscribers post-quiz. I’m really excited about this because she’s been working with some amazing email sequence clients lately and they’ve seen CRAZY good results (like, 10x+ ROI!) from her sequences.

If you’re interested in finding out more about opt-in quizzes and how they can grow your business, just fill out this quick form so we can chat!


My Business Goals for May 2018:

Finish the Business Growth course outline

Since I’m already halfway finished with this, I don’t think I’ll have a problem here. My stretch goal is going to be to get half of the video lessons recorded as well!Β πŸ˜ƒπŸ€ž

Finalize the Unit 25 β†’ CE LAB rebrand

As long as the logo is finished by the middle of the month, I should just need to finish the website redesign and tighten up a couple of other elements. Then I’ll just clone the Unit 25 website over to the new domain, swap out the pages, make a few tweaks to get everything lined up, and we should be good to go! Whoot!

Edit 2 more Sparking Growth Podcast episodes

I don’t know why I’ve been putting this one off so much. I think it’s probably because it takes up so. much. TIME. It just feels like a drag and it’s hard to measure the ROI. However, I’ve had several people ask me when Season 2 is launching, so I guess I’d better get my butt in gear!

Launch quiz services

Dance party! That’s all I have to say on this one.Β πŸ˜‚

Take a break!

I need to learn how to take a break. I legitimately have a hard time relaxing. Even if I go for a massage (yes, a massage!!), I can’t fully relax. So this month, I’m going to force myself to take regular breaks and NOT think about business. I’m going to use those break times to play with my doggos, dig into the Bible and prayer, listen to music, and just enjoy the beautiful weather that has [finally] come to Ohio. Even if it kills me. 😜


What are your goals for May 2018?

I want to support you in your goals, so tell me about them in the comments or send me an email and we can chat. I’m also building a Facebook community to support entrepreneurs who want to do more of what they love, and you are invited to join! I can’t wait to work on our goals together.


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