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June is Entrepreneur Empowerment month at Unit 25, in case you hadn’t noticed. There’s a reason for that: the first annual Global Women’s Empowerment Convention is in the works! The online convention will feature sessions on Health, Business/Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Self-Confidence/Improvement, and Spirituality. This convention was my inspiration for the Entrepreneur Empowerment theme this month, and I’m so excited to welcome Ashley Schackow, one of the co-founders of Global WECon, to Unit 25! I asked her to share a bit about herself and Global WECon so that you can get an inside perspective on Global WECon and empowering your fellow entrepreneurs.

Ashley from Global WECon takes a moment to share why empowerment is so important, both in our businesses and our lives. If you need a dose of encouragement today, here you go!

Interview with Ashley Schackow of Global WECon

Jenn: Tell us a bit about yourself…

Ashley: Hey there, my name is Ashley! I am a twenty-two-year-old college still who still works an 8-5 and is in love with my two basset hound puppies. I own Blank Slate Media Consulting which focuses on designing WordPress based websites for small business owners. I am also a co-founder for Global WECon which focuses on women’s empowerment on a global level through a three-day online convention. Oh, I am also in the process of building my dream house as well.


Jenn: How did you meet Ambika? (Her Global WECon co-founder)

Ashley: We met through an online Facebook group. She has posted about a trade of services, I took her up on the offer, we Skyped, and the connection grew from there!


Jenn: What prompted the idea behind Global WeCon?

Ashley: The way it is described on the website states it best: “Picture this, two women connect to collaborate on their own businesses and instantly connect. They build a strong friendship and motivate each other to achieve success without having even met in person. This is how Ashley and Ambika started Global Women’s Empowerment Convention. They fell in love with the idea of giving back to the community in a way that would make a huge impact. They wanted to give other women the confidence and passion to reach for the stars and create a community where meaningful connections could be made. In an online and competitive world, they saw that there was a deep need for women to have access to resources and education to help them on their path to success. They got together and had a looooong talk, and thus Global WECon was born.”


Jenn: Why is it so important to empower ourselves as entrepreneurs?

Ashley: Most entrepreneurs run their businesses solo. As opposed to a typical workplace environment where you may have co-workers or a manager to empower you, it is not the case as an entrepreneur. All the energy whether good or bad focuses on you and it is so important to make sure that you are taking in as much positive and good energy as possible. It keeps one encouraged to continue and not get burnt out from road blocks as an entrepreneur.


Jenn: What are a few ways we can empower ourselves, both in business and life?

Ashley: Mindset is super imperative to empowering yourself in both business and life. We have a couple of speakers who will be touching on how it can empower you to the next level. I recently got into this with journaling, and it has changed my day to day life and my business. Another way to empower yourself in both areas is through knowledge. Never stop learning. Knowledge is power and will help guide your steps in the right direction in both your personal life and business.


Jenn: How can we empower and encourage those around us?

Ashley: There are many ways we can empower and encourage those around us! My favorite ways are through complimenting and small favors with no intention of receiving anything in return. They do not take much time, but can yield a greater impact than we may ever know. As an entrepreneur, do not be afraid to give away a bit of your time to help someone out! Also consider giving out as much value as possible in whatever ways you wish!


Jenn: How does Global WeCon help us achieve this empowerment?

Ashley: Our goal for WECon is to be able to focus on building empowerment through connection and knowledge. We are bringing some of the best as speakers to talk about Health, Growing Business/ Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Self Confidence/Improvement, and Spirituality. They want to see you succeed and empower you in any way they can with the knowledge and tools to grow!


Jenn: Thank you so much! Before we wrap up, where can we find you online and how can we find out more about Global WeCon?

Ashley: The best way to find me is in my Facebook group: or online at If you want to learn more about WECon, you can learn more at


What are some of your favorite ways to inspire and empower your fellow entrepreneurs? How can we encourage and empower YOU? Share in the comments!

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