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Reviewing and setting business goals

February 2018’s Business Goals and Lessons Learned:

Increase Pinterest traffic – failure

Honestly, I’m realizing this is kind of a stupid goal. Pinterest is currently my lowest-converting traffic and the bounce rate is always pretty high. Why am I focusing on a traffic source that isn’t generating much in the way of ROI? In March, I’ll be refocusing on conversions and other results rather than straight traffic.

Side note: Tailwind’s new beta tool is pretty awesome! It’s gotten me better ROI than the other tool I had previously been using. I still can’t share the details, unfortunately, but I’ll be publishing a blog post about it as soon as Tailwind gives me the okay to share! 😃

Create a 2018 email content strategy – SUCCESS

Hallelujah, I completed something on my official list! I got six months’ worth of email subjects written up, which is about all I felt was prudent to do since things tend to change a fair amount in six months.

I’d love to hear what you would like to read about in the Unit 25 emails during 2018, though. Drop your ideas in the comments to let me know what I can share in my emails that will help you grow your business. I’m also thinking about doing ‘hot-seat coaching’ kind of emails with the Unit 25 community, so shoot me an email at [email protected] if you’d be interested in working through any of your business obstacles.

Write a welcome email sequence – partial failure

This one got superseded by a few other tasks that weren’t on this list, but I got started. I didn’t finish, but it’s in the works for March!

Get Studio 25’s March classes ready to go – SUCCESS

We had to push the classes back by a few weeks, but we have 4 weeks of classes lined up, which is what our goal was – whoot! We made a lot of other decisions about Studio 25, so I’m pretty psyched about the progress on this. Fingers crossed and praying that everything continues to fall into place!

Edit four podcast episodes for the Sparking Growth Podcast – failure

I was a bad girl – I didn’t end up doing anything with Sparking Growth this month. 🤦 It needs to happen, so it’s going back on the list!


My Business Goals for March 2018:

Increase email subscribers

This is taking the place of any website traffic goals. Rather than pursuing high bounce rate traffic, I want to focus on the Unit 25 email list. Now that I have a better plan for my weekly emails and will have a welcome sequence in place (I *WILL* have that set up by April! ✌️), building the email list is ready to take priority. Woohoo, here we go!

Write a welcome email sequence

I’ve been eating up Abbi’s welcome email sequence workbook and Yael Keon’s content to help me work on this. I’m psyched to get this written up, but MAN, it is so hard! I don’t know why it’s so hard, but it’s driving me up a wall. It will happen this month, though!

Edit at least two Sparking Growth Podcast episodes

I’m giving myself a slightly lower bar than in February because I know it’s going to be a bit crazy with the Studio 25 classes and all that fun stuff. This needs to happen, though, so it’s GOING to happen!

Get back on Instagram

I have a couple weeks of Instagram content laid out, but I have to get Planoly to work correctly and actually post stuff! I’m excited to get back onto Instagram, though – it should be fun!

Finish Dubsado workshop materials

Yvonne over at AskYvi asked me if I would be interested in presenting a workshop about Dubsado for the quarterly hands-on course she’s planning to launch this summer. I love working with Dubsado, so of course, I said yes! In the 3-month course, she’ll be covering things like work/task management, client processing, and marketing/outreach, so Dubsado’s workflows and other great tools will fit like a glove. I can’t wait to put together the materials for this!


What are your goals for March 2018?

I want to support you in your goals, so tell me about them in the comments or send me an email and we can chat. I’m also building a Facebook community to support entrepreneurs who want to do more of what they love, and you are invited to join! I can’t wait to work on our goals together.


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