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Setting goals is crucial for growing your business! Without them, you won't have accountability and motivation. Check out the goals for Unit 25 Creative + Consulting in February 2018, see what we learned from our January goal successes and failures, and share your own goals for feedback and to help you reach them! | entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, lessons, tips, tricks, how to, grow your business, social media, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, growth, successful business

January 2018’s Business Goals and Lessons Learned:

Increase Pinterest traffic – failure

Okay, this is technically a success, but Unit 25’s Pinterest traffic only increased by two page visits! 😂🤣 Definitely not the 100 total for the month that I was aiming for, but oh well. I’m changing up some of my Pinterest strategies in February, so I’ll talk about that in the goals section.

Yep, still working on this one! I’m still going to aim for 100 visits during the month of January. I’m taking advantage of the last month I have of unlimited Tailwind Tribe submissions and I’ll be taking a look at my Pinterest strategy again in February when the Tribes change. I’m interested to see what kind of impact that has on traffic!

Create a 2018 content strategy – SUCCESS!

I bought Meera Kothand’s 1-Hour Content Plan when she released it last year with the intent to use it for 2018. I have the entirety of Unit 25’s main 2018 blog posts mapped out. 😱 Some of them are topics that will be available for guest posts (check out the guest post guidelines if you’re interested!), but a lot of them are posts that I’m excited to write myself. Given that I don’t usually like writing blog posts, that’s saying a lot!

I mean,  I’ll admit it: written content is not my favorite task, so I may be experimenting with other options as well. The Sparking Growth Podcast has been one of those experiments, and it’s been great, so I’m planning to build on that within my content strategy for 2018. I’ll be working on some other aspects of my Unit 25 content strategy in February, too.

Get Studio 25’s funding underway – SUCCESS

The Studio 25 Kickstarter, as expected, did not meet its funding goal. We got the next steps of Studio 25’s fundraising going right on schedule! I ordered the postcards and posters so that we could offer immediate shipping, rather than supporters having to wait for the full funding to be completed, and I sent out the first order. 🎉 It feels so good to be making some real progress on this!

Check out how pretty it’s going to look at Studio 25, too:

Studio 25 Creative Co-working Studio 25 Creative Co-working Studio 25 Creative Co-working

Get the foundation laid for the public speaking course – failure

In case you missed the announcement: Unit 25 is going to launch a public speaking course for entrepreneurs this year!

We’re currently in the planning stage of the course, which includes beta client coaching. Part of the beta coaching process will be gathering information to help Lucas build a public speaking course. He’s planning to launch version 1.0 of the course before the summer and we’ll be pre-selling spots for that course soon. It will be $125 (50% off the full price) and it will include four weeks of curriculum and hands-on training with Lucas. There will only be five spots available in this first session, so if you’re interested, shoot him an email at [email protected] to get more information.

Unfortunately, Lucas’s day job threw a LOT of business travel at him during January, so we’re putting this course on hold for the moment until the travel is over. We are still taking public speaking and media relations coaching clients, though! Each beta session will be $50 each (a 25%+ discount), and you can take advantage of that price for multiple sessions. Whoot!


My Business Goals for February 2018:

Increase Pinterest traffic

Sigh. Still aiming for 100 website visits this month! I’m excited to see how the Tailwind Tribes changes (no more unlimited submissions for meeeeee… and a lot of other people) affect my Pinterest reach. I’m hoping that with fewer Tailwind Tribes submissions overall, we’ll get higher quality content within Tribes and this in turn could result in more shares, ironically. Since people won’t have to sort through LITERALLY hundreds of Pins on Tribes each day, I think it’ll be easier to find good content.

I’m also super excited because I was accepted into one of Tailwind’s beta tool groups!! It’s enabling me to drop another Pinterest tool that I had been using and I’m already seeing better results after just a week or two of using it, so I can’t wait to see what kind of a difference it makes in February. I can’t spill any details yet (one of the agreements you make when joining the beta), but I think you’re going to LOVE it when they release it to the general public!

Create a 2018 email content strategy

I’m going to be building on the blog content strategy I created in January to create an email strategy for 2018. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing with it yet, but I’m psyched to start getting more intentional about my emails for the Unit 25 community… especially because then I’ll be planning ahead and not winging it as often. 😜

I’d love to hear what you would like to read about in the Unit 25 emails during 2018. Drop your ideas in the comments to let me know what I can share in my emails that will help you grow your business. I’m also thinking about doing ‘hot-seat coaching’ kind of emails with the Unit 25 community, so shoot me an email at [email protected] if you’d be interested in working through any of your business obstacles.

Write a welcome email sequence

This is something I really need to get done. I realized at the end of last year that this needed to happen in 2018, so now that I have the blog content strategy in place, I’m going to start working on this. I don’t quite know what method I’m going to use for this, but I’m going to start researching it ASAP. If you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments!

Get Studio 25’s March classes ready to go

This is our next big project for Studio 25: holding creative and business classes to raise awareness and funds for Studio 25. We have some great teachers lined up and it’s going to be amazing! In the meantime, we’ll also be looking at setting up a 501(c)3 for Studio 25 to get us legal and all that good stuff.

Edit four podcast episodes for the Sparking Growth Podcast

This one’s pretty straightforward. I have some great episodes already recorded and I can’t wait to jump into the editing! In between the seasons, I’m also going to be adding a couple of minisodes with expert entrepreneurs, just to change things up a little bit. (Plus, I’m paying for podcast hosting every month, so I might as well make it worth the cost, right? 😉) Keep tuned for those new episodes, which should be coming within a month or two!

What are your goals for February 2018?

I want to support you in your goals, so tell me about them in the comments or send me an email and we can chat. I’m also building a Facebook community to support entrepreneurs who want to do more of what they love, and you are invited to join! I can’t wait to work on our goals together.


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