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Setting goals is crucial for growing your business! Without them, you won't have accountability and motivation. Check out the goals for Unit 25 Creative + Consulting in July 2017, see what we learned from our June goal successes and failures, and share your own goals for feedback and to help you reach them!

June went by like a whirlwind.

With barely a weekend that wasn’t spoken for by some event or other, it feels like June just started yet, at the same time, like it’s been the longest month ever. Throw in a last-minute trip from Ohio to Massachusetts to transport a dog from the Australian Shepherd dog rescue I work with to my parents… yeah, it’s been crazy. Totally worth it for this little cutie, though:

Given the storm of business and overwhelm, I wasn’t sure how well my goals for June were going to turn out. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, though! Oh, in case you missed it, last month, I decided to start sharing my goals for accountability and encouragement. I’ll be reviewing my goals each month and sharing what worked and what didn’t so that you can learn from my mistakes and successes.

Amidst everything that was going on in Unit 25 and my personal life, Lucas and I also began seriously forging ahead on The Spare Room Project’s rebrand/repurposing.It feels like starting from scratch, but it feels GOOD. We have learned a lot about running a sustainable project in the past two years, though, and we can’t wait to take those lessons and apply them to this new stage of the project. It’s not going to be a business move necessarily, but rather a passion project that will fuel our entrepreneurial creativity. After all, creativity is a vital component of running a business!

Okay, back to the goals, though. Let’s recap June’s goals and see how they’ve turned out and what we can learn:

June 2017’s Business Goals and Lessons Learned:

Commit to donating 30% of profits each quarter – SUCCESS

This is an ongoing goal that will pop up on these goal posts at the end of each quarter. Giving back is a huge motivator for me, especially since I’ve been in extremely [financially] tight circumstances a lot over the past decade or so. It’s so amazing to be in a position where I can give to others finally and pay it forward! Right now, Unit 25 will be supporting Kiva and Compassion International, empowering fellow entrepreneurs and the next generation. In the future, we may change up the organizations we fund, but for now, we’ll be rotating between these two, as they are causes near and dear to my heart. Kiva is even more special because as the micro business loans we fund through the organization are paid back, we’ll be able to fund MORE entrepreneurs!

Bring on one new client – SUCCESS!

It wasn’t a lofty or shiny goal. With everything I had going on over the past month, though, it felt barely achievable! I ended up realizing that Unit 25 needs to be respositioned in order to better serve you (more on that a bit later), so I didn’t focus too heavily on client acquisition. However, I did a little experiment near the end of the month, and it was a success! I’m planning to write a blog post or email newsletter soon to talk about that experiment, so if you want to hear more, stay tuned!

Grow Pinterest to 250 followers – failure

I’m actually not too far away, though! I’m going for slow-and-steady to win the race, and I’m over 200 followers, but not quite up to 250. That’s okay, though; I’m working on stepping up my Pinterest game through Tailwind*, BoardBooster*, and general Pinterest SEO. I started amping things up just a week ago, but it’s already paying off: since I updated some of my Pinterest strategies, my average daily followers increased by x3! As I iron out my Pinterest workflow, I’m planning to increase the number of daily Pins as well, which should help.

Grow Twitter to 200 followers – failure

Twitter is a whole other ballgame. Given the number of programs out there that allow and ENCOURAGE (yuck!) follow-unfollows, failing this goal is sad but not particularly surprising to me. Unit 25 only gained about a dozen followers in June, too, as opposed to 35 followers in May. I’m partially attributing this to the fact that I wasn’t able to get to many #createlounge Twitter chats this month, so my engagement stats went down and Twitter probably took that into account when they determined who to show my Tweets to. It’s okay, though – I’m learning, and it means that there is room for improvement next month!

Create two new opt-in incentives – failure

Yeah… this didn’t even remotely happen, haha! Because of the repositioning, I modified my plans for this goal, and I’m going to be adapting the marketing idea to the new ACE Business Coaching service that I’m working on right now (shhh, it hasn’t officially been announced yet!). Oh well!

Reposition Unit 25 to better serve our clients – partial SUCCESS!

How is a partial success? Well, because it’s an ongoing project. As long as I make strides towards this goal, I consider it a success, and I have definitely done that this month. The ACE coaching is part of this, and I’m just about ready to officially launch that, once I get a couple of pages on the website updated, so Step 1 of repositioning is a win, in my book. ?


My Unit 25 Creative + Consulting Goals for July 2017:

Bring on one new client

I’ll be honest, my true goal is to bring on more than one new client. I have a local marketing strategy idea that I’m excited to try out, and I’m hoping it will bring in several clients, but even if the Unit 25 team and I get to serve just one new client in July, I’ll consider that a success. There’s a weekend trip coming up early in July and some other events that we’ll be working around, so it’s still going to be busy around here and adding one client will be a win!

If you’re in a period of growth and need a team to support you, Unit 25 can be your extra hands. Check out our branding, content, marketing, and support services – we would love to work with you! If you’re looking for a Growth Action Plan, check out our new ACE Business Coaching service, too.

Grow Pinterest to 275 followers

Since I’m not too far away from 250, I want to increase this a bit. If you’re curious about how I’m planning to do this, here ya go:

  1. Improve SEO of not only the Pins that come from Unit 25 but as many other Pins as I can. It will add some time to my Pinning workflow, but I only plan to do this as a short-term experiment for the moment and see if it’s worth the extra time.
  2. Try using multiple Pinterest images and experiment to see what styles/headlines/etc. work best.
  3. Continue using Tailwind* to schedule Pins and increase the number of daily Pins to increase their reach.
  4. Continue using BoardBooster* to loop Unit 25 Pins to group boards in order to save time.
  5. Find more group boards to join and add new members to the Best of Entrepreneurship board. If you have an entrepreneurship-related group board, let me know! If you’re interested in joining the Best of Entrepreneurship, just click the link right there and follow the instructions in the board description.

In Augusts goals post, I’ll let you know how these strategies paid off, so stay tuned.

Grow Twitter to 200 followers

No, I’m not increasing the goal for Twitter. Given the prevalence of the stupid follow-unfollow trend and my schedule changing so often (and thus not always being able to do Twitter chats), I don’t know that the Twitter account is going to grow very much. I’m okay with that for right now – focusing on one platform at a time has been my best strategy in the past, so I’m going to work most on Pinterest right now and follow up with Twitter or Facebook next, after Pinterest is going strong.

I am adding one new tactic to my Twitter strategy this month, though: I’m combining some of my Pinterest workflow with Twitter. How? When I open an article from a Pin and find it useful, I’ve been adding it to a RecurPost* library. This gives me a nice variety of other peoples’ posts to start Tweeting regularly, and it doesn’t add too much time to my social media workflows. RecurPost* uses evergreen content libraries to populate the schedule you create, which means that you don’t have to constantly fill a queue like you would on a service like Buffer or Tailwind* (though I still love Tailwind). RecurPost* also has a browser plugin that allows you to add it directly to your RecurPost library without having to open a new page. So in other words, RecurPost* saves you SOOO much time! It’s fabulous (and free).

Create two new opt-in incentives

Since I’ve adapted this goal to go along with the new ACE coaching service, this is staying on my goals for July. I’m planning to create a worksheet that will take you through a review of your business up through now and evaluate your future business goals so that you can create a plan. If you’re interested in getting this freebie when it launches, grab your spot here!

I’m also planning to do a second opt-in incentive, though I haven’t decided what yet. My email subscribers will get this when it launches, though, so make sure to get on the list and get it before anyone else.

Reposition Unit 25 to better serve our clients

As I mentioned in the June goals review, this is staying on the list as well. The ACE coaching service is only part of the repositioning: Unit 25 is moving away from working on individual jobs like one-time graphic design or content projects, and into being a team that grows with YOU as your business grows. The ACE coaching process will be the first step in this repositioning, working through assessing the past, present, and future of your business and using this information to create and execute an action plan. (See: Assess, Create, Execute = ACE!)

I want to be clear: the action plan we create does not require you to use the Unit 25 team. For some entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s not the right time to build a team! While we would love to work with you and be your support team, cheering you on and giving you the extra hands you need, if it’s not the right move for your business at the moment, it won’t be in the action plan. ACE coaching is meant to determine what is best for YOU and create a plan to get you there, not to push Unit 25’s services on you. There may come a point when it IS the right time to start bringing more hands on deck, and when it is, Unit 25 will have been there with you through the ACE coaching and can step in, but it’s not required. I want to make sure that no one who works with through the ACE coaching process ever feels pressured to take on a team that they don’t need or want.?

That’s essentially the gist of the Unit 25 repositioning effort. We’re still offering branding, content, marketing, and support service packages, but the ACE Business Coaching service is a way to serve our community of entrepreneurs and small business owners and create a better entry point. I’m excited to see where we go from here!

What are your goals for July 2017?

I want to support you in your goals, so tell me about them in the comments or send me an email and we can chat. I’m also building a Facebook community to support entrepreneurs who want to do more of what they love, and you are invited to join! I can’t wait to work on our goals together.


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