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My session with Jenn just flew by! She was able to give me SO many actionable tips to help me figure out how I can start working towards my 2018 goals. She recommended potential clients I could target, possible visibility ideas for the future, potential services I could offer, and it’s obvious she absolutely loves what she does! You need Jenn if you’re feeling stuck or unsure in your business – in ANY way.
Thank you!

Yael Bendahan

Digital Marketer,


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Why should I use an opt-in quiz?

You’ve made a million freebies and content upgrades. You may have had some success, but how many people actually want anything beyond the freebie? How often do you wonder why you’re even bothering with email opt-ins?

Quizzes are different. When someone completes a quiz, they’re looking for an answer. When your quiz is able to provide that answer, you’re setting yourself up as a trusted expert. You’re the person they’ll think of when they need more answers in your area of expertise.

You’ll be the person they hire or buy from

What kind of results can I see when using opt-in quizzes?

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Quiz Strategy Session

If you’re on a budget or just want to be more hands-on with your quiz, this service is for you. It includes:

  • A 90-minute strategy session OR two 45-minute strategy calls
  • During your consultation, we’ll cover things like:
    • How to use your quiz to grow your business
    • How to create a quiz funnel
    • How to qualify client and customer leads through your new quiz
    • Outlining your quiz results and questions
    • Whatever else you need help with for your quiz!

After our strategy session, you’ll be equipped to create our own opt-in quiz and grow not only your email list but your entire business!

Investment: $300

Quiz Creation

If you don’t want to do the hands-on work of creating and implementing an opt-in quiz, this service was created for you. You will get:

  • A 60-minute strategy session
  • Email list integration
  • Quiz setup with Interact
  • Quiz content:
    • 3-5 quiz results
    • 5-7 quiz questions
    • Optimized quiz intro screen, opt-in screen, and results screens
    • Up to two (2) revisions

After your quiz is completed, you’ll have a lead generation machine that will help you qualify client and customer leads, engage your audience, and grow your business!

Investment: $750

Quiz Funnel

If you want to go a step beyond a basic opt-in quiz, check this out. In the quiz funnel package, you will get:

  • A 90-minute consultation OR two 45-minute consultation calls
  • Email list integration
  • Quiz setup through Interact
  • An email sequence to funnel subscribers to purchase your product or service
  • A landing/sales page to send subscribers to purchase your product or service
  • Quiz content:
    • 3-5 quiz results
    • 5-7 quiz questions
    • Optimized quiz intro screen, opt-in screen, and results screens
    • Up to two (2) revisions

After your quiz funnel is completed, you’ll have a system to generate qualified leads and earn passive income – on auto-pilot!

Investment: starting at $2300

Add-on Quiz Services:

Additional Email Sequences – starting at $1500

If you would like to have customized email sequences for additional product upsells or quiz results, you can add this on to any of the above quiz packages.

Facebook Ads – starting at $1500

Want to get even more eyes on your quiz and grow your email and client list that much faster? You can add Facebook ads strategy to any of the above quiz packages.

Have questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]!

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