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Huge shout out to Jenn at Unit 25! When we talked today, she offered me some amazing advice and I feel like I’m finally on a direct path. I needed help with the perspective of my business. (Hey, we’re great at helping others but are too invested in our own businesses sometimes to see what we need!)

Jenn helped weed through my ideas, come up with a plan and realize an idea I had been holding onto didn’t speak to my audience and was holding me back. She gave me more value in that call than any of the coaches I’ve worked with. Just wanted to shout out to her with a big thanks! 😍

Jen Williams

Growth Hacker, Jen Williams Admin

My session with Jenn just flew by! She was able to give me SO many actionable tips to help me figure out how I can start working towards my 2018 goals. She recommended potential clients I could target, possible visibility ideas for the future, potential services I could offer, and it’s obvious she absolutely loves what she does! You need Jenn if you’re feeling stuck or unsure in your business – in ANY way.
Thank you!

Yael Bendahan

Digital Marketer,

Jenn is the real deal. I was coming up against several blocks in my business that I just could not see a way around. My marketing efforts had sputtered out and I was out of ideas. After just one chat with Jenn, I had a list of ideas that I had not even considered before! Plus, she helped me get Google Analytics set up on my website so I could start tracking my numbers.

Knowing where my marketing is paying off the most is helping me get laser-focused on my efforts and really hone in on what is working. Cutting the fat from my budget has been a great bonus to also having so many brilliant ideas to work with. Jenn is amazing; I couldn’t have gotten unstuck without her. She is an invaluable resource!

Samantha Sherwood

Photographer, Samantha Sherwood Photography

Unit 25 Creative + Consulting