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My session with Jenn just flew by! She was able to give me SO many actionable tips to help me figure out how I can start working towards my 2018 goals. She recommended potential clients I could target, possible visibility ideas for the future, potential services I could offer, and it’s obvious she absolutely loves what she does! You need Jenn if you’re feeling stuck or unsure in your business – in ANY way.
Thank you! Yael Bendahan

Digital Marketer,

What makes The Creative Entrepreneurs LAB different?

Here at the CE LAB, we believe that you can make a living through creativity! Many creatives have learned or been taught how to excel at their art, but not how to run a business. You don’t need to be a starving artist.

As part of the CE LAB, you’ll not only be equipped to run your creative business with confidence, but you’ll also become part of a community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs who are on the same journey towards business success. Let’s grow together!

What does The Creative Entrepreneurs LAB offer?

At the CE LAB, you’ll find coaching, community, and service packages tailored specifically for YOU, the creative entrepreneur. With a range of options that scale with you as your business grows, we can help you find a solution that fits YOUR budget!

Hey, I’m Jenn! I’m the founder of the CE LAB

At the Creative Entrepreneurs LAB, business jargon is translated for you and your fellow creatives. Our philosophy is that you don’t need an MBA to run a business! (Honestly, you don’t even need a college degree at all.)

You can Learn, Amplify, and Build your business to reach your dreams!

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