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Heya, I’m Jenn!  I am the face behind (well, in front of) Unit 25.  See?  That’s me!I want to share the full story behind Unit 25.  Yeah, you can read about it on the About Unit 25 page, but I like to write long stories (I’m a bit of a windbag), and I know some people are curious.

The Origins of the Name

My college journey started at 17.  I must have been insane because, for some strange reason, I thought that it would be a good idea to finish my senior year of high school while also taking a 12-credit load at community college. (Pro tip: DON’T DO THIS!)  I somehow still managed to get myself a merit scholarship to the university I wanted to go to, despite overloading myself.  Given how inauspiciously my college career started, the last two years of college were a big deal for me.

That first year at university was a transition period, but my second year saw me moving into a unit (i.e. 4 bedrooms, a small common area/living room, and a shared bathroom for the 8 girls) with some friends and some new faces.  Since we were in such close quarters, we got to know each other quite well and were soon known infamously as Unit 25.  We made memories, painted rocks, and essentially branded ourselves with our Unit.  It was one of the best years of my life. (Incidentally, it’s also when I met my husband, but that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

When Lucas and I started talking about getting a bunch of our college friends together for a freelancing collective, we realized that a lot of them were from my old dorm unit.  Naturally, we started referring to the project as Unit 25… and the name stuck.  I love that there’s a story behind the Unit 25 moniker, and that it represents that comradery, collaboration, and creative spirit that came from the original Unit 25.

What Unit 25 is Now

This iteration of Unit 25 exists to provide business services to entrepreneurs and business owners.  Unit 25 consists of a number of my old friends from my dorm unit, as well as other friends from college and after college.  We work together to provide a coherent, streamlined process, because I kept hearing from other business owners and entrepreneurs how frustrating it is to have to start from scratch for each aspect of a project.  With Unit 25, I can provide a single point of contact (ME!) for business owners AND the team I work with.

Rather than having to explain your vision to a branding expert, a graphic designer, a web designer, a business coach, and everyone else that might be involved in your project, you do that once.  In the initial meeting, we’ll determine the end goal for your project, and then I’ll handle the delegation of the project – freeing you up to run your own business!

Hop on over to our Services page to see our business services offerings or contact me to see if Unit 25 is the right fit for you.

Unit 25 Creative + Consulting